"I believe that life is a prize but to live doesn´t mean you´re alive"

Dresses I like!

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Tillis Aug 30, 2012

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Tillis Aug 30, 2012
Beautiful shoes - can we get enough?pic

Beautiful shoes - can we get enough?

I´m i the middle of researching for an assigment in Swedish tomorrow
Tillis Aug 27, 2012

Laurie Keller

Busy Philipps. Okay, Cougar Town is not exactly my favorite series. But how funny and talented is Busy Philipps Laurie Keller character in Cougar Town?…
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Tillis Aug 22, 2012
Cute Hats reblogged from HannaBethpic

Cute Hats reblogged from HannaBeth

I love this picture. Everything on it, is perfection.the hair/dress/necklace/make-up/hat
Tillis Aug 20, 2012 Originally by hannabeth
I fell in love with San Pedrovid

I fell in love with San Pedro

one of my favourite songs by Madonna!!!
Tillis Aug 12, 2012
Nancy Ajram - Mashy Haddyvid

Nancy Ajram - Mashy Haddy

I like the colours and the melody of the song! makes me happy to listen to :) Ps. but I really don´t understand what shes…
Tillis Aug 12, 2012
Tillis Aug 12, 2012


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Tillis Aug 12, 2012
this is what I listning to over and over again at the moment - gunsvid


my new tv obsession, haha. Love this one! so clever and funny, each character has its own special personality. You should see it.
Tillis Apr 03, 2011
Hands shakypic

Hands shaky

Hi, slept for 4 hours, sooo tired. Worked 12 / h two days in a row now. Blah. Have so much to do but I…
Tillis Mar 27, 2011
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Im always on the go. likes adventures! always want to learn new stuff. Like all kind of music, style, colour, sport, food. But ofcourse i like some things better than other!
*Tattoo´s, High waists, Rock, Punk, Strains, Learn to speak different language (trying to learn French right now), Betsey Johnson design, Music, Traveling, Exercise, Watching really fun och wellwritten series, When it´s raining outside, Be creative (to built, paint or sewing my own things), Thaifood, Sneakers, Old movies, Art, 2hand shopping, Musicals, Dancing, Longboards (I wanna learn to longboarding), Holidays. Contrasts (on people, style, decorating, cooking etc)*

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Amy Winehouse, Guns n roses, Joan Jett, Lana del rey, Mötley Crue, Nicki Minaj, Pink, Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Runaways

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Alice in Wonderland By Tim Burton, Corpse Bride, Mamma Mia, Nine, The Boat that rocked, The Runaways

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Big bang theory, Community, Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty

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Eat Pray Love, Ego Woman, PS I love you, Welcome to the Jungle legenden om Guns n Roses